Exterior Process

  • Contact Call One to arrange locates for gas, hydro, cable and phone.
  • Call One is a free service that locates utilities to avoid damage during excavation.
  • Excavate a trench of approx. 2ft along foundation wall down to underside of footing.
  • Remove and dispose existing weeping tile.
  • Clean foundation wall of all soils and expose cracks or holes.
  • Repair cracks and holes with non shrink hydraulic cement.
  • Apply waterproofing materials that best suit existing foundation conditions.
  • Install a water guard membrane complete with termination strip over the foundation wall.
  • Install a 4inch filter cloth wrapped weeping tile beside the concrete footing.
  • Install approx. 12″ of 3/4inch gravel over weeping tile.
  • Backfill area with native soil and compact in 2ft lifts if possible.
  • Dispose of excess soil.
  • Clean site.