Things You Should Know

Before you contract a company to underpin your home make sure the company has specific “UNDERPINNING INSURANCE”. Make sure that underpinning is specifically written in the documents of insurance provided to you.

2014-03-27-09.11.42_webContact your insurance company and make them aware that you are underpinning your home. They may want to see the companies insurance documents.

Make sure you have DRAWINGS AND PERMITS. Do not begin your project without permits. The city inspectors will make sure that the work is done properly. If you do not have permits the chance of you getting caught is very likely and the project will receive a “Stop Work Order”

At the moment there are CITY OF TORONTO REBATES available to you as a homeowner for installing a “Sump Pit” and “Back Water Valve”. The rebate is approx. $1500.00 for each and we will assist you with the documentation to get these rebates.

If your home is semi-detached you will require a signed permission note from your neighbour and a City permit must be issued for your neighbours home. To avoid this or if your neighbour is not co-operating you may bench the party wall instead of underpinning without their permission.