2014-03-27 09.15.04


  1. DSC00892Structural engineer to attend site and process building requirements.
  2. Architectural drawings and city permits.
  3. Remove and dispose existing concrete basement floor.
  4. Complete layout of excavation in 3ft sections.
  5. Excavation, forming and pouring of concrete beneath existing footings.
  6. Excavation and disposal of soil from main body of basement.
  7. Removal of existing drains and installation of new drain system.
  8. Installation of interior weeping tiles for drainage of possible ground water and connections to new sum pit.
  9. Installation of delta membrane to foundation wall.
  10. Installation of 3/4” gravel for new floor base.
  11. Installation of new concrete floor.
  12. Meetings with city inspector for stage approvals during project.
  13. Structural engineer to attend site and approve stages of project.