Design & Build

1. Introduction

The initial meeting is to determine the basic concepts of your project.
Big or small, every project has a desired result which is expected by our clients.

Our company must deliver the end result.

A series of questions, the answers assist the designer in determining hardscapes and softscapes, plant list, lifestyle of the client for ideal functionality of your new landscape.

2. Measurements – Photos – Inspection

  • Detailed measurements of site and existing structures.
  • List of existing plants or trees to remain in design.
  • List of existing items that may help or hinder the final design.

3. The Proposal

A budget price supplied to the client. This budget price will include
concept drawings, final design drawings, plant lists, construction costs,
permit costs if required, all meetings that bring us to final drawing stage
and final construction stage.

DSC006864. Acceptance of Proposal

  • An agreed upon deposit to advance project to design stage.
  • Development of a design concept plan.
  • Approval of concept plan.
  • Approval of dimensions and materials for hardscape.
  • Final estimate for the entire project.

5. Acceptance of Final Estimate

  • Schedule of payments
  • Completion and approval of final design drawings.
  • Construction start date and construction schedule.
  • Completion of project.